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The initiative of social organization Global Office is aimed at promoting foreign languages learning and developing of volunteer movement in Ukraine, as well as facilitating intercultural dialogue and public diplomacy.

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About the project
9 000
children відвідали language camps
schools взяли in the project
volunteers from
40 countries
cities and villages from 24 regions
308 children from Donetsk and Luhansk Regions participated in GoCamp project which was organized in Kyiv Region
Generation of Future Leaders

GoCamp is going to change lives of entire generation of Ukrainians. By 2020 1.5 million pupils will participate in the national project and as a result they will have more opportunities to become leaders, to develop their successful career, freely with no barriers communicate with entire world, and turn the course of history.

European Vector

In order to be heard by the entire world the knowledge of language alone is insufficient. To communicate on equal terms educational approaches and cultural ties are to be improved as well.
Due to specially developed GoCamp project children will have a chance to unveil and discover the entire world and at the same time become the Ukraine’s ambassadors to the world.

GoGlobal has been organized in order to

Promote knowledge and use of foreign languages.

Form new generation of Ukrainians having values of free world.

Enhance public diplomacy.

Get prepared for challenges of the 21 century.

Promote volunteers movement in Ukraine.

Enhance internal integration.

Improve the quality of state service where foreign language is a must.

Achieve high level of teaching of foreign languages.

UAH 200.00 – the cost of participation in GoCamp project for one student
Your kind assistance will allow us to
Engage volunteers from the whole world and invite them to visit Ukraine
Provide teachers with up-to-date teaching concepts
Organize trainings for volunteers
Give children the opportunity to start speaking the world’s languages: English, German, French, and Spanish
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